Datafile Software

Datafile Software is an integrated suite of accounting and business management modules different to any other system available.

Today’s business systems should offer more than just accounting and invoice production. They should match every part of your operations giving you the vital management information and performance indicators you need to run your business.

By implementing Datafile Software, your business drives the way the software operates no matter how varied your business processes or demands are. This allows your business to grow and meet the ever changing demands from customers, suppliers, management and employees.

The breadth of standard functionality is built on 25 years’ worth of experience working with a diverse customer base.

• Definable Table structures in each Module

• Definable Data Entry Forms

• Definable Standard Reports

• Definable Business Documents

• Scripted Parameter Settings to control Functionality

• Layer protection when installing Software Upgrades

• Links to industry standard Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word

• Document Management facilities including Purchase Invoice Scanning and Archiving.

• Integrations to Third Party systems

A software update plan ensures you’re always on the latest release and we are committed to releasing at least one major version per year which contains features and functionality requested by Partners and Users.

Any customisations or parameter changes made on your system will remain unaffected by our updates.

All our modules are built around an open table structure. This foundation allows any other line of business application to be developed around them using our ProFiler application generator module.

Whether this is simply an extension to our modules, such as adding in your own tables, or whether it’s a full blown sub-system of its own with forms, tables, documents and reports specific to your business.

Examples of these include:

• Estimating

• Transport

• Quality Control


• Equipment Rentals

• Warranty Management

• Timesheet Billing

• Property Rentals

• Contract Processing