Supply Chain


Batch and Serial Number Tracking

Batch / Serial tracking allows for the system to record information related to an individual product or batch of products. The serial or batch number can be assigned to one or many units that are produced or purchased on the same or various dates and that, possibly, have a common production and/or expiry date.

Many types of businesses need to keep track of stock items or assets with respect to their specific batch from their manufacturer. In restaurant and food manufacturing businesses, food products have expiry dates associated with their lot or batch. Pharmaceutical companies have similar tracking requirements for their drugs. Rental businesses or service companies use batch and serial tracking for equipment and warranty management.

Batch and Serial Management

Stock items can be marked as either tracked by batch, serial or not at all. Where a stock item is batch tracked then the batch or serial number used can be pre-formatted like a stock code and each stock item can set its batch codes to be in an individual format. The batch/serial number for stock items can be automatically generated by the system for stock items where you assign the number or can be scanned/input from the goods supplied.


As part of the batch / serial recording processes you can display / input extra information – perhaps a bin location, product expiry date, a packing operative id, etc.

Colour Size Width Matrix

A Three Dimensional Matrix can be setup to manage Configurations of an item.



Batch Enquiry tools allow for view of the history, location, or application of an individual serial or batch item by means of the batch/serial number. It may be a simple trace of an individual batch from supply to customer or tracing the use of an individual component through purchase, use in an assembly / works order build process, and then supplied to a customer or group of customers.