Utilise our popular "Did You Know?" articles with tips and tricks to help get the most out of your Datafile system.

Did You Know – Check a UK VAT Registration Number

Jun 11, 2024
Sales and Purchase Ledgers – Check a UK VAT Registration Number For users who have registered their Datafile system with the HMRC Making Tax Digital scheme you can verify a customer / supplier V...

Did You Know – Landing Page Rolodex

May 28, 2024
Landing Page Rolodex This option, available on landing pages, compliments the extensive search functions available. To enable the Rolodesk on a landing page right-click against a row and choose to ‘...

Did You Know? – Cursor Colour

Oct 25, 2023
Cursor Colour Sometimes when there’s a data entry form with many data items on, it may not be obvious where the cursor is. In the example below we have a Sales Order Entry form and have set the curs...

Did You Know? – Favourite Actions

Jun 20, 2023
Ribbon – Menu FavouritesAs part of a user’s role there may be several key options that they require quick access to e.g. Add a new Sales Order/Quote, Update a Stock record, post a Re...

Did You Know? You can group and total records on the landing page

Sep 15, 2021
ALL MODULESLanding Page Grouping and TotallingGrouping can be used on any field on a Landing Page to create a sub-totalled style report. In the example below we have a Salesperson set against each a...

Automatic Bank Reconciliation Module

May 07, 2021
This new module allows you to use a statement downloaded from your bank to match those transactions against entries on a Datafile bank account.  The reconciliation process offers three levels of...

Did You Know? – Multiple Search on Landing Page

Jan 27, 2021
Multiple Search on a Landing PageThe Find function on the Landing Page allows you to quickly filter the list to those key records based on matching the text in the Find search to displayed record...

Did You Know? – Alerts Via Email / Logging to Notes

Nov 06, 2019
Alerts Via Email / Logging to Notes – When key events happen in the system, Alerts can be setagainst any database table so that either an email can be automatically sent out to designated users, de...

Did You Know? – Definable Order Statuses

Jun 27, 2019
Better Order Tracking with definable Order Status options – You can now set up your own Order Status letter assignments to provide improved analysis and better tracking. Each of the user defined St...

Did You Know? – Order Processing Picklist

Apr 04, 2019
Speed Up Document Processing – An alternative to processing document lines in batches of 10, is to set the “Picklist” option for quick confirmation of document lines and quantities. This provid...

Did You Know? – Reprint Multiple Invoice Documents

Nov 20, 2018
Within Ledger Enquiries – Sales Ledger – Invoices, use the Select button for each document required and then choose Printer for either a hard-copy print or to send to Email....

Did You Know? – Washroom and Servicing Picklists

Oct 20, 2018
Picklists are on screen listings where data can be quickly sorted, edited or reviewed. These can beset up to include any item from the database. In the screenshot below, we have a list of Contracts d...
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