The Company


Datafile Software was established in 1985. Back then it was considered ahead of its time because of it’s high level of flexibility due to it’s unique system design.

The original authors previously worked in mainframe and minicomputer environments where projects would typically take 2 to 3 years to design and implement. Their philosophy was simple – “if a system can be designed with customisable data tables, forms, and report layouts then 90% of user requirements could be met with a robust and stable off the shelf package immediately.” That philosophy formed the design principles for Datafile and led to its first release which provided a comprehensive set of scripted question and answer parameter settings and even custom data entry forms and tables across all modules.

Since those early years, Datafile Software has grown continually based upon feedback and development requests from our users. Today the software continues to meet the needs of our ever growing customer base across all business types and industries.

The product started life running on MS-DOS based systems and in 1999 was re-written for Windows. Since then Datafile has kept pace with businesses growing requirements for more integration with productivity tools such as Microsoft Office and has developed Integration Tools for third party software as well as E-Business and Webshop applications.


Key Facts:

  • Established 1985
  • UK Software Author
  • Over 8,500 Users and Growing
  • New Release Each Year
  • Full Suite of Business Modules
  • Third Party Integration Tools
  • Integrated E-Commerce Webshop
  • Data Conversion Tools
  • Partner Network
  • Proven Implementation Methodology
  • Sage Developer
  • Microsoft Partner
  • BASDA Member