General Privacy

Datafile Software Solutions Limited needs to gather and use selected information with which to conduct business.

This information is business related – Company Name and Address, VAT and Company Registration Numbers, Company Telephone and Fax Numbers.

In addition, we keep a list of individual contacts from the organisation for billing and support purposes. This data is limited to Name, Job Title, Business Telephone, Business Mobile Numbers and Business Email Addresses.

This data is not shared with third parties.

We will at times use your email address to send newsletters and other important product information – you can opt out from these by following the unsubscribe link in any newsletter email or by calling 01772 816 514.

Support Policy

As part of support procedures, we may request access to your pc / server to assist in resolving your query. This access is only at your request.

Access is via a remote connection software such as GoToAssist. These connections require a one-time password that, once the connection is closed, is no longer valid. If you have supplied VPN credentials to allow for support on an on-going basis then these credentials are stored in a user-id/password protected secure system.

As part of your support request we may ask to take a copy of the Datafile data to resolve your query. This data is only held for the purposes of query resolution and is removed from our secure on premise server 30 days after the closure of the support query