Supply Chain


Sales Order Processing and Quote Management

Sales Order Processing is an important operation for any company, but the requirements can differ widely from one company to another. One company may have stock, another not; one company may wish to process orders individually, another in a batch; one may print acknowledgements and delivery notes but email invoice invoices, another may combine its delivery note and invoice processing. The Datafile Sales Order Processing is designed to meet a wide range of needs whilst retaining the ease of use found in the best software applications.


These are entered in the same way as a standard order but retain their own status until the order is activated. Additional information such as Prognosis, Timeline, and Quote Outcome can be entered to drive Sales Pipeline reporting.


Enquiry and Reporting

A full suite of analysis and reporting tools with extensive customisation options and powerful filters that can be set and applied when reports are run. Reports can be sent to Screen, PDF, MS Excel, MS Excel Pivot Tables, MS Word, Email as well as the usual Print Devices. In addition user-definable smart lists can be created to highlight and review sales orders or order lines, for example to flag up orders due for delivery today.


Fast Order Entry

This can be used for either Stock type orders or more descriptive Service type items. Orders can be Replicated and/or created from generic or customer specific template forms. Sales Orders can also be set to create Purchase Orders automatically or entered in a Call Off template based upon Frequency required.


Order Authorisation and Credit Limits

An optional Order Authorisation stage can be set at the start of each Sales Order and controlled through system security. Checks are also made for each order entered against Credit Limits and Overdue transactions warning the operator accordingly and if required automatically placing Orders on Hold.