Simply Postcode

Postcode Lookup Software for Datafile

This Postcode Lookup Software uses internet-based data, has a small footprint, and can be easily installed in minutes.

Unlike many competitors who apply updates monthly, Simply Postcode updates data directly from the Royal Mail. The Royal Mail make hundreds, sometimes thousands, of address changes daily to the 33,009,742 million addresses in the PAF (Postcode Address File) database. Every morning, the PAF file is updated with information from council property applications and 70 thousand postmen.

Simply Postcode Key Benefits

Utilising Simply Postcode in your Datafile system makes your company more efficient by reducing manual entry, validating addresses, and maintaining consistency within address formats in Datafile. Contact the Datafile team today to understand how the Simply Postcode integration can benefit your business.

Customer / Supplier Maintenance

When adding / updating customer or supplier accounts after entering the post code pressing the <F11> key will look up the address detail for the entered post code.

Selecting the entry from the list will then update the selected post code into the nominated address items.

The post code lookup option is defined at a database level but is only available the following data entry screens:

  • Customer / Supplier Account Maintenance in the Sales and Purchase Ledgers
  • Sales and Purchase Order Header Entry screens (Including Delivery Address Maintenance)
  • Databases on Desktop screens.
  • Contact Maintenance on the Ribbon
  • Profiler Entry Screen
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