Increase Automation with TraX

Integrating your Datafile system with the TraX Purchase Ledger automation can streamline your financial processes, reduce manual data entry, and improve accuracy. This integration allows for real-time synchronization of purchase data, ensuring that your financial records are always up to date.

With automation, the purchase ledger can automatically match invoices to purchase orders and receipts, flag discrepancies for review, and process payments efficiently. This not only saves time but also enhances financial control by providing detailed audit trails.

By leveraging the power of Datafile integration with the TraX Document Management system, businesses can achieve greater operational efficiency, better cash flow management, and improved vendor relationships through timely and accurate payments.

Seamless Connectivity

Access your TraX document management system from within Datafile. The native integration solution TraX provides for the Datafile Business Management software will enable you and your team to access the documents stored in your TraX solution from within your accounts system.

In addition, the documents captured in TraX are automatically matched and associated with the relevant transactions in your Datafile system. This ensures all relevant documents are linked to the appropriate transaction within your Datafile software and are only a click away.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Seamless Integration: TraX effortlessly imports your various documents, including purchase invoices, goods receipt notes, delivery dockets, and more, from emails or scans into its inbox. It then intelligently matches them with the corresponding transactions in Datafile, promptly flagging any discrepancies for your team's attention before import. With TraX's Accounts Payable Automation solution, matched and approved invoices are seamlessly integrated into your Datafile system, instantly alerting your accounts team to initiate payment processing.
  • Instant Access: Experience frictionless integration that eliminates the need for your employees to toggle between systems. All documents, such as purchase invoices, are stored in Trax and are visible in Datafile. With TraX seamlessly embedded within the Datafile application, users can effortlessly access associated documents by clicking the dedicated Trax button.
  • Automated Matching: TraX will read purchase invoices and match the invoice with the correct purchase order in Datafile. TraX will also display the purchase order details on screen allowing the user to confirm all details are correct.
  • Easy Document Approval: Any purchase invoices needing sign off or approval can use the Trax Workflow Module, which will automatically assign the correct purchase invoice to the correct approver by automatically looking up the details within Datafile. TraX can send the approver an email, with the purchase invoice details for them to approve. Once approved, purchase invoices will automatically go into Datafile allowing the users to amend, update or post.

Explore Datafile’s partnership with TraX today.

With over two decades of expertise, Enterprise Imaging Systems is widely recognised as the leading expert in document and information management.

The comprehensive TraX suite of solutions encompasses document management, scanning, accounts payable automation, and more, delivering end-to-end solutions that enhance efficiency, eliminate manual data entry, and save your company valuable time, money, and effort


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