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Since the original software launch in 1985 we have helped thousands of UK businesses increase efficiencies and grow more profitable with Datafile Accounting and Business Management Software.

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Our Customers

Our customers cover a wide selection of business types and industries. They selected Datafile because it is highly functional, totally flexible, easy to use and extremely cost effective to implement.

Our keyword is “Partnership”. Everyone within our business is passionate about giving customers great business tools and exceptional service, we are always happy to provide customer references on demand.

Integrated Efficiency

Datafile caters for all aspects of your business. Because it is fully integrated, Datafile can drive efficiencies into all of your key business functions and processes. Because it’s modular, you only buy what you need when you need it.s.

Advanced Functionality

Datafile is designed to allow you to work the way you work and is ideal for companies who have grown successfully and now want to gain more control and performance visibility. Our advanced functionality takes you to the next level of automating your business processes.

Robust and Secure

Many ERP suppliers boast about flexibility, readily available data and business intelligence but what about the security?

Datafile’s advanced security features enable you to dictate exactly who gets access to which functions and data. Datafile enables you to empower your users but without losing the crucial control and security.


“Real World” Business Intelligence

Easily configured, readily available and meaningful business performance information is a must. We go beyond just providing reports…all systems do that. Our workflow and alerts means that the system helps to avoid mistakes, maximize opportunities and increase profits. We understand that every business is unique so that’s why Datafile provides management information to be available in multiple formats e.g. Reports / Dashboards / and Business Alerts.

Value for Money

Datafile Software is sold on a modular basis so you only need to buy the software you need for the exact number of users you need it for..

Cloud or On Premise

Many businesses want to licence their application software on a hosted or “cloud” based model, others want to host all of their applications in-house on their own servers. Datafile caters for both preferences.

Adapt to Your Business Changes

You will be amazed at how easy Datafile is to adapt to your way of doing business. Many software systems claim to do this, but none as easily or cost effectively as Datafile. Our scripted parameter driven “on/off” functionality means that we can deliver a solution that fits your business processes, employee roles and security rights without expensive bespoke system development and consultancy services..