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Data Visualisations in Action – B3 Cricket

B3 Cricket are one of the few cricket bat manufacturers who still own their own factory and
make their cricket bats in England. Their unique custom service and advanced technology means they can give
every player the same level of choice as a top professional player. Players can choose their preferred
design from the Series, Custom or Bespoke range.

B3 use Works Order Processing so that when a Sales Order is
entered for a Bat, a corresponding works order is automatically generated.Using the new Data Visualisations
module, B3 can now see at any time loading of works orders and the production stage for any Bat.As
production of the Bat progresses then Works Order cards are dragged to the next stage. This also highlights
how many hours remaining there are on each Works Order with totals of time remaining for each stage.

B3 also use the Timeline view on Works Orders to see loading.
Orders can be scheduled and rescheduled using drag and drop. Where scheduled dates and times change then an
email alert is automatically sent to the sales staff who can keep customers up to date with their Bat
delivery date.

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