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Did You Know? – Include Attachments when Emailing Documents

Sep 26, 2016
When sending Order Processing documents via email, additional standard documents can be automatically attached such as Terms and Conditions....

Did You Know? – Purchase Invoice Scanning and Retrieval

Aug 15, 2016
Purchase Invoices can be scanned in and linked to a transaction. This can be done at the point ofposting or later as a batch process. Once scanned, the “Document” feature is available against the...

Did you Know? – Show Stock Images in Ledger Enquiries

Jul 18, 2016
The system allows the facility of linking an image (either a BMP or JPG) against a record. When the record is open the IMAGE option on the toolbar is activated so you can view the image or alternativ...

Did You Know? – Multiple Document Re-Print / Email

Jun 25, 2016
The Sales Account Ledger Enquiry can hold copies of application documents such as invoices, creditnotes and statements. Purchase Ledger and Payroll (Employee) enquiry options also allow access to the...

Did You Know? – Auto Period End Reporting

May 08, 2016
As you run the Period End for the Sales and Purchase Ledgers you oftenprint a series of reports and a ‘Automatic Period End Reports’ option is available that allows you to run aselection of the s...

Create Order Line in Document Processing

Apr 20, 2016
This new features allows the addition of orders details whilst processing documents for last minute additions to orders.. Within the document, after confirming all the existing details the operator i...

Did you Know? – Faster Document Processing

Mar 16, 2016
When processing a document manually the system displays ten entries fromthe order(s) at a time and asks to confirm each action quantity in turn. With a large number of details this cantake some time....

Did You Know? – General Database Picklists

Feb 24, 2016
Earlier releases have introduced definable Pick Lists into the ledger applications. In our latest6.9 release, we’ve extended this facility to any Datafile Database table. The Pick Lists allow you t...

Did You Know? – Bin Location Tracking

Nov 26, 2015
Within Batch Tracking you can specify Bin Locations for Stock items. A Bin Code can be defined to reflect the warehouse layout e.g. with Aisles, Shelves and Bins so a code set up as A1-S01-B02 could ...

Did You Know? – Date Options within Report Filters (Selection Criteria)

Oct 28, 2015
When using selection criteria within Reports and Picklists, often a Datevalue is used. Rather than amend dates each time when running (e.g. Today’s date) then the following values can beset prefixe...

Accessory Showcase – Excel Dashboards

Sep 24, 2015
The Datafile RTD (Real Time Data) in conjunction with Microsoft Excel can give powerful insightsinto your Datafile data. A single Excel workbook can collate together all of the reports a business nee...

Did you Know? – Automatic Sign Off When Inactive

Sep 20, 2015
Where operators leave their pc unattended the option is available to activate a ‘pause’ screen after a set period of inactivity – when invoked this requires the entry of a password to re-activa...
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